The entire process is easy tracked in our SEO reporting tool



Our software can read and/or write data to the following services:


logo cloud



Logo CloudAccess to your campaign information 24/7 through your own dashboard.




Get analytics, search rankings, leads, phone calls, paid search data consolidated in one report.


Non-branded Traffic


Non-branded organic traffic is an important metric for SEO terms. We filter branded from non-branded traffic.



Phone Tracking

phone tracking

Add tracking numbers to your website with our JavaScript number replacer and record calls.


Sales Center

sales center

Use our web-to-lead form to capture leads on your website and track them in your dashboard.


Monthly Report

monthly reports

Get a consolidated report of your online marketing program delivered to your inbox each month.


Weekly / Daily Alerts


Get email updates and alerts about your organic visits, social mentions, web leads and more.


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What makes us different

What makes us different

We are American owned and operated. Most SEO firms hire employees in the Philippines, India, China, and Russia and pay them extremely low wages. They save money and cash their clients checks. We believe taking shortcuts like this and outsourcing the work is disingenuous and could even have negative results for your rankings. There are lots of firms that are out to make a quick profit and don’t keep their clients concerns under consideration.

It is vital that you hire only a professional SEO services firm with experience that sticks exactly to the accepted SEO practices. Bright Media is a US based SEO Services Company in Orlando and we do 100% of the work in-house. You’ll find other corporations that are providing SEO for lower costs, but don’t forget you get what you pay for and if it sounds “too good to be true” it probably is.


SEO Guarantee

If I turn over my hard earned cash to you to help me optimize my ranking shouldn’t I get a guarantee? Some companies do offer SEO guarantees. The guarantees are dubious at best and utterly false in almost all cases. If you want to understand why, you’ll need to know how search engines such as Google and others rank websites.

Search engines utilize ever-changing algorithms to evaluate each website they crawl and index. Because of this the ranking system changes on a daily basis meaning your site will move up and down in ranking accordingly. Google is also known for making drastic changes a few times a year. With the possibility of big changes happening periodically nobody could ever possibly provide you with a firm SEO guarantee. No one can anticipate or adjust for these changes without failing sooner or later.

Every SEO professional knows this and if anyone offers you a flat out guarantee you should question their motives. This just isn’t a realistic expectation. If you are questioning this you may want to read Google’s statement on the matter:

“No one can guarantee a #1 ranking on Google:
Beware of SEOs that claim to guarantee rankings, allege a “special relationship” with Google , or advertise a “priority submit” to Google. There is no priority submit for Google. In fact, the only way to submit a site to Google directly is through our Add URL page or by submitting a Sitemap and you can do this yourself at no cost whatsoever.”

If anyone ever offers you an absolute guarantee, please refer them to this page and ask them to explain their position in detail to you.

Some SEO companies offer guarantees to clients using some well-known secrets that clients may or may not be aware of. One familiar trick is to get you ranked for less popular keywords that offer little or no competition and offer little traffic increasing results. This is a guarantee that the company could realistically deliver on, but it wouldn’t be bringing you any business. You could easily get top rankings for “snow skis in Sahara Desert” but who is going to a search with those terms. No one would ever find you with those keywords.

Another dirty little trick SEO companies use is by offering you a guarantee of top 10 rankings on Google for a percentage of your target keywords. Of course the guarantee will be easily met as long as a few can easily be dominated. One example I’ve seen is out of 25 of the keywords, 10 would be almost impossible to get without a long term investment, 10 might be moderately hard, and 5 might be easy to get top rankings with, but they’d deliver you nothing.


It’s All About the Traffic

Getting a high ranking alone won’t help drive traffic to your site. If you rank high in some irrelevant search term that no one is going to use in Google or some other search engine, it’s not going to bring you any more business. You’d probably generate better results yourself by standing on the side of the freeway with a sign inscribed with your web address.

It’s sad but true that any SEO guarantee you run across is a sales pitch. It’s not worth anything at all. No reputable SEO will ever offer you guarantees. You are welcome to shop around and check our other legitimate competitors. They will tell you the same if they are worth their salt.

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Get Started

30-Day $99* Trial on All SEO Plans 

Choose the Plan that’s Right for You.

Pay as you go. No contracts.

  • choose an SEO plan

  • Setup fee
  • The number of keyword phrases that is appropriate for the selected SEO plan. For example, in the Launch plan, the number of target keywords is 4.Target keywords
  • On-site SEO is the changes or optimization steps you make to the design of your website and all the important things “ON” your website that will influence your rankings in the search results, with respect to your chosen keyword.Onsite Recommendation Report
  • The total number of keyword-rich articles our team will write per month for any particular plan. Our objective is to write completely original, informational articles at a length of about 400 words that relate to the target keyword phrases for any particular client. Company names are not used and all writers have agreed to our article guidelines.Monthly articles written
  • The total number of keyword-rich blog posts our team will write per month for any particular plan. The blog writing process follows the same rules and Quality Score / Random Audit process as our articles. However, tone and style for blog posts are intentionally less formal. The objective with blog posts is to provide helpful information, but in a slightly more fun and personal fashion. Blog posts are never re-used.Monthly blog posts written
  • The total number of keyword-rich blurbs written per month for any particular plan. RSS promotion is an excellent method for increasing backlinks because it is designed for content syndication.Monthly content blurb for RSS
  • The total number of submissions made on behalf of a client on any particular plan. A submission may include a blog post, an article post, a social bookmark, an RSS feed submission, a blog comment (optional), or widget placement. Where ever possible, the submission includes a link to the client website. As such, these content submissions become backlinks.Monthly content submissions
  • Bright Media has put a great deal of time and care into the quality process to ensure our content writing is top-notch. Writers are tracked against two primary scores: Reliability and Quality. Their work undergoes manual review and score through an audit process. Any customer feedback is incorporated into their scores, which are prominently displayed to them in our writer portal. We have found that this feedback loop is an excellent way to drive the quality of your content.Writer Pool
  • This number indicates how many websites compete for a keyword. For example, the Launch plan is ideal for keywords that have less than 12K websites competing for those phrases. The more websites that compete to be ranked the more difficult it will be to rank for them.Appropriate for Results
  • Launch

  • $349

    per month

  • $199 one time
  • 4
  • Basic
  • 1
  • 2
  • 2
  • 25
  • Standard
  • 0 – 12K
  • Grow

  • $649

    per month

  • $399 one time
  • 6
  • Basic
  • 3
  • 3
  • 4
  • 50
  • Standard
  • 12K – 60K
  • Standard

  • $949

    per month

  • $599 one time
  • 12
  • Basic
  • 4
  • 4
  • 8
  • 75
  • Standard
  • 60K – 120K
  • Professional

  • $1349

    per month

  • $799 one time
  • 18
  • Detailed
  • 6
  • 4
  • 10
  • 100
  • Premium
  • 120K – 300K

*30-Day $99 Trial does not include inital setup fee.



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No Bull SEO service

No Bull SEO service

It’s fairly easy to find a cheap SEO company. You can do a peripheral search on any search engine and pull up thousands of companies promising the world in short order. There are numerous companies online that claim to get you great rankings with certain keywords or phrases. They charge low rates and it all sounds wonderful until you’ve paid out a huge chunk of cash over the year and have no increase in business or traffic. People who use the services will often walk away with the impression that SEO is completely useless and they’d be partially right. SEO is useless unless it’s done right.

For arguments sake let’s assume you’ve just written an ebook and you’ve set up a website to publicize your book. You’re going to need SEO services in order to let people know about your book so they can buy it. Pretend I’m one of those cheap SEO companies and I promise you that I can get you top rankings for the keyword phrase “John Doe ebook”. You pay me for six months and suddenly you are at the top of the list with those keywords. If you think you’ll be laughing all the way to the bank with results like that you’d be mistaken. While your name and the keyword ebook are an accurate description of your site and your service, if people don’t know who you are, why are they going to perform a search using your name as a keyword? They’d have to already know you and know you’ve authored an ebook to even ponder searching for those terms.

It doesn’t matter if you get a top ranking if the keywords you are using are irrelevant or aren’t popular keywords. If your keywords were based on the subject of your book you’d come up with better results because people who are already interested in the topic you wrote about will be more likely to purchase your book. Getting your name out there would be good but if people don’t know you, getting your name out there won’t matter.

The real catch is to get a top ranking for the subject your book is about. This is more difficult because there are a lot of authors out there probably vying for those same keywords. It’s not impossible to get ranked for these types of keywords but it takes a great deal of time and effort. Do you think someone is going to put in 40 hours a week each week working on your SEO for a couple of hundred a month? It’s not going to happen.


You Get What You Pay For

If you want to go cheap with SEO no one is going to stop you. There will be plenty of vultures out there to promise you the world and take your hard earned money. In this business as with all others you do get what you pay for. A professional SEO services company with the ability to get you top rankings on Google is not going to give away their services for pennies on the dollar.

While obtaining services from a Cheap SEO company seems like a good idea, it really isn’t. You will always end up paying more in the long run. You’ll either wind up with a bunch of useless rankings or you might get banned from search engines. If the latter happens it might be impossible to undo.

If you want affordable SEO services you’ve found the right company to do it. Contact us today to get more information and a free review of your website.

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