What Is SEO


People have their own ideas about what SEO actually is. Sometimes they’re right but in most cases the average person doesn’t really understand SEO. They know it has to do with making your site show up in search engine queries but it’s more than that. I, professor Hans Von Puppet, SEO master, will attempt to explain SEO and what it is without using the confusing mumbo jumbo found all over the net.

The internet has caused dramatic changes in the way the business world works on a global scale. Every business has been affected by the internet and has evolved and adapted to thrive in a connected world. Some businesses and niches have faded from the scenes entirely due to the internet.

The primary reason for this change is because consumers and businesses can now go online and enter a few keywords to find solutions for their various needs. It doesn’t matter what consumers and businesses are looking for, all their answers are available in nanoseconds with just a few clicks of a mouse. All this information is made easily available by the search engines.

Search engines are basically huge lists or large pools of data that are processed by using complex algorithms. These algorithms assist in sifting through the pool of massive data to locate the sites that have the most relevant results in answer to the query that was entered.

What does all of the above have to do with SEO? SEO is the actual process of positioning a particular site to ensure that the algorithms find it as attractive as possible. It’s kind of like internet dating for websites and search engines. There are many things that must be done in order to ensure the site appears as attractive as possible to search engines. Primarily the site must possess original and exclusive content.

Additionally research must be done to identify the best keywords and phrases being used by the particular audience you wish to target. Finally you must be able to generate links to the site from other sites. This isn’t a complete list of all that has to be done to make a site appear attractive to the algorithms in search engines but these are the major objectives.

Most people think that the goal of SEO is only to get your site’s index page ranked. While this is true, it’s only partially true. You should view your site as a book with many chapters. Each page of your site is a chapter of your book. Your goal is to get all the chapters published, not just the first one. You want the search engine to bring up as many pages as possible because this increases your chances of being found exponentially.

SEO makes it possible for any website to be ranked highly on Google as well as other search engines. Ranking highly attracts traffic to your site which will also evolve into leads, sales or supporters, or whatever your particular goal might be for your site.